Hydrofluoric acid (HF) measurements

The concentration of hydrofluoric acid (HF) is calculated from conductivity and temperature readings. Valmet provides ready made recipes for measuring the hydrofluoric acid concentration or the amount of water in anhydrous hydrofluoric acid. All equipment is delivered readily calibrated so there is no need for hazardous sampling on site. All you have to do is install the sensor and power up the measurement. Valmet concentration measurement is superior in high purity hydrofluoric acid measurements because Valmet conductivity sensor can accurately measure very low conductivity of pure hydrofluoric acid. 


Valmet Hydrofluoric acid plant

 Valmet sensors for hydrofluoric acid measurements

Hydrofluoric acid (HF) measurements
Solution Measuring range  Temperature
 HF  99.7-100 %  0-50 °C
 HF  0-70 %  0-70 °C
 HF  0-10 %  0-50 °C
 H2O in HF  0-3000 ppm  0-50 °C
 H2O in HF  0-1.5 %  0-50 °C

Many other recipes are possible. Please contact us for specific requirements.

Valmet Concentration Measurement 3300 at Zhejiang Juhua Group

Zhejiang Quhua Fluorochemical Co., Ltd is one subsidiary company of Zhejiang Juhua Group. It is among the biggest fluorochemical industrial base in China. It is located in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province, where 60% of the country’s fluorite natural resources exist. Depending on the fluorite natural resources advantage, it occupies an important position in China’s fluorochemical industry. The major product of Zhejiang Quhua Fluorochemical Co., Ltd is anhydrous hydrogen fluoride for industrial use (AHF). The final hydrofluoric acid concentration is 99.99%. AHF is the major and most important chemical material for downstream chemical production, for example in teflon (PTFE) production, and freon refrigerant production.