Reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics software

Reporting and Analytics software is a tool that can be used in conjunction with several versions of our image processing software (Slag Index, IR with Temperature Measurements, Basic Viewer, and Visible with Temperature Measurements) to give users complete control over their data.

With this tool you can compress an entire day of data into a 1-minute video clip, making it much easier to digest and understand the events from the day.

The software utilizes Windows task scheduler to run automatically each morning at 12:05. After the software is configured through the settings menu, the reports will be generated automatically and there is no need to interface with the software further.

Key Benefits

  • Provides a summary of the day’s events in a 1 minute video time-lapse report that includes key metrics
  • Reports can be compared and contrasted to help identify process related trends and issues
  • Simple to use with a “set it and forget it” configuration option
  • Provides an option to send out the report(s) via email, FTP or SFTP




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