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Valmet Fractionator

Valmet Fractionator 


The Valmet Fractionator is a new laboratory analyzer from Valmet that measures and classifies fiber furnish characteristics to optimize paper, board or tissue production.


Innovative tool to quantify development of the fiber furnish characteristics


Some of application possibilities for Valmet Fractionator:

  • With recycled pulp, to separately measure fibers and free ink particles to evaluate the quality of slushing and deinking processes;
  • By separating fibers and fillers, measure the effectiveness of different retention chemicals.
  • Include Bauer-McNett analyses with Valmet Fractionator in daily process optimization.
  • Decrease intact vessel count by optimization of the specific energy consumption at the refining stage.


  • It opens new windows to increase productivity and profitability through better raw material utilization.
  • Improve sustainability and lower production costs.
  • The highly repeatable results can significantly reduce trial times and simplify furnish or process troubleshooting.