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Valmet Optical Consistency Transmitter, Valmet OC, Valmet OCE, Valmet OCR, Valmet OCS

Optical Consistency TransmitterThe Valmet Optical Consistency Transmitter (Valmet OC) uses state of the art technology with a new design, offering a reliable, robust and easy to use measurement. The Valmet OC is suitable for many fiber types with an operating range between 0.5 - 7 % consistency.

Valmet introduces three new models for applications that have been particularly challenging for inline optical consistency transmitters in the past. This includes measurement of eucalyptus pulp, recycled fiber and chemical pulps.



State of the art technology

Inline consistency measurement has never been easier – the Valmet OC employs the latest electronics technology with multiple optical fiber channels, using a single light source and optimal probe design for reliable measurement. There are no electronic components or other sensitive parts on the probe, making it resistant to high temperatures, pressure and vibrations.



The Valmet OC‘s profiled coupling secures that the probe position will be correct without any special tools or measurement. Installation is simple and safe. Inserting and retracting the measurement probe is safe and easy without any special tool, even at a high process pressure. Calibration is quick and easy, the Valmet OC can be calibrated with just one laboratory sample. No regular maintenance is needed – the entire transmitter-related cost stays low.


Optical Consistency Transmitter



Mechanical pulping

In mechanical pulping (e.g. TMP, GW and CTMP) typical applications are grinders, cyclone cleaners, latency removal, screening and low consistency refining. In CTMP pulping, the new transmitter can be used for screening, washing, refining, and drying machine applications.


Eucalyptus pulp applications

Eucalyptus pulp has different optical properties compared to other pulps; which has led to the design of the special optical sensor and measurement method of the Valmet OCE. Results with the new transmitter in several commercial installations have been successful in applications where competing inline optical transmitters have failed. A typical application is the control of refiner feed consistency, where improved refiner freeness results and reduced specific energy consumption have been reported.


Unscreened and Screened OCC and RCF applications

OCC and RCF processes are a challenge for any measuring device, where sand, metal and other contaminants as well as non-organic fillers are present. The Valmet OCR features a robust probe to survive the harsh physical environment and multi-point calibration for ash tolerant measurement. So ash variations that normally prevent the use of inline optical consistency measurements is not problem anymore. Installations in OCC processes before coarse screening have proved the probe’s robustness and the total consistency measurement accuracy is excellent throughout the stock preparation area even with wide ash variations.

 Valmet OCR

Chemical pulping applications

The Valmet OCS now features a sapphire window to withstand chemicals used in chemical pulping and enables inline consistency measurement.

Valmet OCS