Customers' end products

From biomass into renewable energy and recyclable products

Valmet’s solutions help to convert biomass into renewable energy and recyclable products. All our solutions target maximal raw material utilization and increased recycling, lower energy consumption and increasing use of renewable energy, while at the same time seeking to reduce fresh water consumption, use of chemicals and emissions. Efficient production technologies thus play a key role in mitigationg climate impacts.


Valmet produces equipment for the production of mechanical, chemical and dissolving pulp. Pulp is commonly used in paper industry, but also in other applications for instance in chemicals, pharmaceuticals and textile industries.

Fibers are extracted from wood in the pulping process. The recovery of chemicals, water and energy is in the foundation of the chemical pulping, and the mills are increasingly turning into bio-refineries which in addition to producing pulp, produce biomaterials and biofuels. Surplus bio energy - both heat and electricity - from the chemical pulping process is either used in other production processes or sold outside.

Board and paper

Board, paper and tissue are used in a number of end products such as packaging, handkerchiefs, toilet paper and hand towels as well as printing and writing papers. Some 40% of the global paper production is done by Valmet machines.

In pulp and paper production, improved material efficiency and lower amounts of waste, as well as reduced energy and water consumption, are normally achieved through process improvements. Paper and board producers can also improve their materials efficiency through lightweighting and by using lower quality raw materials in the manufacturing of high-quality end products.


The end products of Valmet's energy production solutions include electricity, heat and process steam. In energy production, the flexibility in fuel selection enables our customers to utilize a variety of renewable fuels that are locally available and reduce their use of fossil fuels. For example, Valmet’s energy offering includes technologies for converting biomass, waste or a combination of different fuels into energy.

The heat, electricity and steam generated as part of for instance pulping and paper manufacturing processes can also be recovered and be used either in other parts of the production process or be sold further.  

Biofuels and biomaterials

Valmet has developed new biomass conversion technologies for producing new bio-based end products such as biogas, biofuels and biomaterials. In recent years, we have introduced several new technologies to the market including LignoBoost for lignin separation, a pyrolysis solution for bio-oil production, and a gasifier for solid biomass and waste. In addition, Valmet has developed its prehydrolysis technology to be applied in second-generation ethanol production.