Learning references

Vallvik Mill, Sweden

We want to provide all of our recovery boiler operators, both the experienced operators, as well as the less experienced operators, with the best prerequisites and skills to deliver excellent performances. Since Valmet also includes safety aspects in their online training, we decided that this was a superb addition for our operators’ regular (internal and external) training agenda.
Sofia Strandvall, Plant Manager at Vallvik Mill, Sweden


CMPC Guaiba, Brazil

The time between discovering a problem and solving it is much shorter compared with if the training had been done with traditional classroom training only.
The reliability of the plant is higher when using the simulators from Valmet.
David Dias Nascimento, Project Coordinator


SCA Obbola, Sweden

The training in general, and specifically the use of the Valmet simulator, gave a very fast start-up with significantly increased production during the first month.
No production losses at all on the board machine.
Mats Persson, Project Manager


Irving Pulp & Paper, Canada

Process simulation and interactive multi-media training provided by Valmet were invaluable ingredients needed to bring the operators up to a high level of proficiency before startup.
Jim Brewster, Technical Director


Jönköping Energi, Sweden

The whole training program, including the DCS-based simulator, is a good investment over time. A couple of avoided unplanned production stops give a fast payoff.
Per Eklund, Operations Engineer