A summer to remember

In 2016 hundreds of trainees joined Valmet’s Finnish organization for a summer to remember. What made the summer of 2016 extra special was the Make it a summer to remember campaign, which focused on capturing and sharing trainee stories. As part of this campaign trainees were invited to respond to a questionnaire about their experiences while working for Valmet. Out of the entries we received, ten were chosen to visit the head office in Espoo and meet some of our executive team.  

Summer trainees pictured from left to right: Taneli Lukkari, Saara Väänänen, Miska Valkonen, Eveliina Hakanpää, Saqlain Zafar, Emmi Mäkelä, Meri Närhi, Samuli Kostamo, Miikka Mustonen and Helen Melander.

Good discussion – and even better questions

On Friday August 26, ten summer trainees spent the day at our head office in Espoo with the promise of meeting – and getting to ask questions of Valmet’s Executive Team. The day was kicked off with a visit from CEO Pasi Laine who when asked “What he would have done differently?” advised the students to always look forward, not backward. He also advised everyone to utilize opportunities to study or work abroad.  

The day continued with discussions with Kari Saarinen CFO, Juha Lappalainen from Strategy and Operational Development, Anu Salonsaari-Posti from Marketing and Communications and Julia Macharey and Hanna Heikkilä from HR.

“It was exciting to hear the stories about how they ‘ended up’ in the position that they are in at the moment. They also delivered very good and profound tips and pieces of advice – both life and career-wise,” says Meri Närhi who joined Valmet in Jyväskylä as a summer trainee in the Services marketing team.

Discussion topics ranged from what it is like to work abroad, social media and work-life balance to how a company like Valmet develops its strategy and why we put so much value into the summer trainee program.

“It was exciting and something totally new. I was interested in their international careers and jobs outside Finland. It seems to play a big role in their work life today,” says Emmi Mäkelä, a summer trainee in Pulp and Energy’s R&D team.  

Memorable moments 

Before saying our good-byes for the day, we asked our trainees to tell us about their experience with Valmet. Below are some of their answers:

  • “I have gotten more responsibilities during the summer and that has motivated me to do my work well. I have seen different careers and this has helped me to decide what I want to study at school.” - Saara Väänänen
  • “Educative, interesting. I learned a lot and the magnitude of the information I gained from working at the roots of the design process with professional colleagues is huge.” - Samuli Kostamo
  • “It has been great. It has given me confidence and offered great support towards my studies. I have been treated as equal and given responsibilities. Overall positive experience.” – Miikka Mustonen

Everyone who took part in the Make it a summer to remember campaign enjoyed the experience. It was great to have trainees from different parts of the business and locations coming together in this way and is certainly an experience we would like to repeat in future years.