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OurVoice engagement survey

Valmet's OurVoice engagement survey

Valmet believes that an engaged and performance-driven community is built from within. Valmet uses its OurVoice engagement survey to assess engagement and performance levels within the company.

The OurVoice survey measures engagement and performance excellence levels, which are important for growing as a company and for building a strong Valmet community. Valmet achieved a high response rate in its most recent engagement survey, with 87% of our people giving valuable input for how we take Valmet forward, up from 81% in 2015 and 68% in 2015. The results of the survey serve as an important baseline measurement for future surveys, as well as valuable input for action planning.

Positive development continues

Overall, the results of the 2017 survey highlight the positive development we continue to make as a company. Engagement, performance excellence and values were stronger and nearly all questions improved with two remaining flat. Particularly notable were the increases in belief in Valmet's future and feedback on performance, and as well as our high scores for working together – which continues to be a clear strength for us. As with previous surveys we will identify focus areas, create action plans and monitor progress regularly to ensure we continue to improve as a company and place to work. 


Our journey with engagement

Our journey with engagement

In 2014 following Valmet’s first engagement survey as an independent stock listed company, Valmet set out to use OurVoice to systematically drive engagement. Now, four years later, that focus has deepened and engagement continues to rise.