Yutong Feng – China to Indonesia

Feng’s career with Valmet landed him in Indonesia, 5000 kilometers from where he worked on Pulp&Energy business in China for the better part of 20 years. When talking to Feng it is clear the move has been a good experience. He’s embracing his new role as the head of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore and sees learning new cultures and expanding his business view as positive changes. The move has been good for the business, too. It has given him new perspectives on the businesses of two of our key customers, who have mill operations in both China and Indonesia.

Day three in my new role













Day three in my new role

Feng’s story

Expand knowledge. New ways of thinking. Bring energy locally.

My internal move has really broadened my thinking. Until now, my focus has been mainly on Pulp & Energy – but in my new role as a country manager, I interact with the whole business from sales, services and project deliveries to finance, legal and public relations. I am also happy to have the opportunity to know other parts of the world with different ways of working and cultures. You really need to challenge yourself to find different approaches and suitable ways to reach the goals.

I joined the team at a really exciting time for Valmet in Indonesia. Three days after I arrived, I had the opportunity to take part in the inauguration of our new Indonesian Technology Center in Cikarang, around 50 kilometers from Jakarta on the island of Java. The turnout was great – and the event gave me the opportunity to meet many employees, customers, officials, and also see my team in action. They did a great job and the event was a success. 

Since my move last autumn, I’ve been actively getting to know the business and work cultures, as well as the local teams. To be successful and really add value for our customers, I knew I needed to learn to think from a local perspective. A key focus for me has been to understand my team member’s strengths and develop them in a way that drives our business. I want people to come to me with ideas and be proactive in their roles. It is important for me to give people the opportunity to learn and challenge themselves, just like I am doing.