Juulia Liimatainen

Juulia is the first to admit that she craves learning new things, improving herself and the business. She spent the first nine years of her career at Valmet learning everything there is to know about quality assurance – and then developing it and teaching it to others. Two years ago, she was looking for a change and found it internally. She took a role as a project manager, which has brought her the change she needed – and launched her into a new world, close to the customer.

Juulia’s story

New perspectives. Leadership. Customer connection.

Juulia's experience with internal mobility

In 2016, I knew I needed something new. I had been with Valmet for almost ten years working with quality assurance and felt like I had seen everything there was to see. I applied for a role as a project manager and got it. It was a great decision, which forced me to step up, broaden my perspective and see the wholeness of a project. I had to see where we needed to go, what needed to be done to get there, and what surprises might pop up along the way.

I like project management because I can push myself on the customer front. As a PM, I get to connect with the customer – finding the best way to work with them, understanding what they think and need, and helping them to meet their needs. The best part is that the projects are never the same. I am always learning and pushing myself. My background in quality assurance helps as well. The customers and our own organization appreciate my knowhow of product quality, knowledge of legislation and standards and continuous improvement mindset.

I’ve had so many different positions because I need to learn and feel challenged all the time. At Valmet, there are a lot of opportunities for people who want them. You need to be proactive, look for opportunities, and have a can-do attitude. Sometimes is might be a bit scary, but you won’t learn if you don’t try. Internal mobility is a win-win situation for the organization and its people resulting in more engaged employees.