Igor Panassol

Igor has lived a lot within Valmet. He’s worked for Valmet on three continents, held positions in multiple Valmet businesses, met hundreds of Valmeteers, and worked with dozens of customers. He is the first to admit that it is people that make the difference and credits much of his success to inspiring managers and great teamwork. From roles in engineering and commissioning to mill improvements and fiber process line sales, his career has been an adventure – that has only just begun.

Igor’s story

Challenges for those who want them. Great work pipeline. Different people and cultures.

My journey began when I joined Valmet inIgor Pannasol on internal mobility
Brazil as a process engineer in 2007. I call it a journey because in my career I’ve travelled worldwide. From Brazil to Sweden, and then to Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland, Denmark, South Africa, Chile, Colombia and Russia, and back to Brazil again. My journey has not only been about travel and mill start-ups, but also about experience exchange. Learning from different people and cultures has nurtured my development over the years. I’ve worked with a wide range of process technologies and businesses – from causticizing, lime kiln and fiberline projects, also from services sales to capital sales nowadays.


I’ve learned that as you start doing new things, your vision changes. Things that were once important, suddenly become less relevant and new goals emerge. Working in different parts of the business has helped me understand how and when to challenge myself and my team and how hard to push to get results. I am pleased with how naturally my career has progressed within Valmet. It’s kept me motivated and alive inside my job. I like to be challenged and do things and then see the results. 

The people around me have helped me navigate my career in Valmet. My first manager spent time in Sweden during her career with Valmet as well and inspired me to do the same. And in 2014 when I wanted a change, my manager supported me and opened up alternative paths to allow me to contribute to the company in a different role. It is not just the people, but it is the teams as well. I learned through my roles that you need to work and develop as a group to be strong and successful. Good teamwork is often the reason for success. It has been a great journey so far. I know there is more to come, even though I’ve already lived a lot within the company.