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Why Valmet

Deciding on your next employer is not a decision to be made lightly. Here’s what we have to offer.

Delivering competitive technologies and services is what we do best. If you want to work at the front line of development shaping the field as you go, keep reading. At Valmet, we are in the top three in all markets we serve – and will continue to push forward and develop ourselves, concentrating on technology, services, sustainability, local presence and our people.

We offer you a dynamic and diverse work community with 14,000 coworkers around the world. With this team, daily doses of inspiration are guaranteed as we put our heads together to bring the future to our customers and make a difference towards a more sustainable world.

Our winning team is built by continuous investment in skills development, leadership and well-being. As a global company, we can offer you plenty of different career paths that suit your individual needs and aspirations.
If this sounds like your kind of work community, apply for a position with us today!