How to apply

What we do at Valmet requires a wide variety skills and personalities – and above all, teamwork. That is why it is important for you to know us, and for us to know you.

Get to know us

You might start by browsing our website. Try to explore all aspects of our business and get a feel of what we do, what we want to achieve together, and the values we believe in. Does what you find resonate with you? If yes, then we would love hear from you.

We list all our open positions under Open Jobs. Before applying, read the role information carefully – does it sound like a job you’d enjoy and do you have the rights skills and experience to succeed in the role? If you see a job that you think is suitable, choose “Apply” and complete the application form.

At times it may also happen that the perfect position for you is not listed under Open Jobs. In that case you may always submit an open application. This is a way for you to register interest in future positions at Valmet; your details will be stored in our system (you specify for how long) and can be matched against future roles.


Once you are sure you want to apply, please provide all the details as fully as possible. The more information you provide, the easier it is for us to match you to the role when we are looking for the right person for the job. You may have information on your CV, but answering our questions allows us to fully search and compare your application against other candidates.

Ensure that all of the requirements on the job advert can be seen clearly on your application. We need to be able to understand what you have achieved, not just see previous job titles; and of course, describing what you know about Valmet and why you’ve chosen us as a prospective employer is helpful.

Once you have applied…

Each position has a closing date, and once that has passed, we will review applications and contact those who we feel are most suitable to progress to the next stage. Unfortunately, the high number of applications we receive means that it’s not always possible for us to reply directly to all candidates.

What happens next depends much on the role you have applied on. We use a variety of selection methods, including video screening, online personality and motivational questionnaires, ability tests and, of course, traditional panel interviews. If you are chosen to progress for a particular role, you will receive further information on what we expect from you during that stage of the process.