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Valmet is a market leader in the industries serve we serve, with a top three position in all our markets. But by no means are we satisfied; we continue to innovate and renew ourselves to stay on top and lead the way also in the future.

Ron know you are on the  verge of something big

"I have a sense of renewal from participating in some new innovations in Valmet, such as LignoBoost and our biorefining development. It has given me a great opportunity to apply my skills in proposal management to some new and interesting Valmet products. Biorefining projects I feel have a great potential to transform and renew Valmet in an area of customer and market need that is just beginning to be understood. We are on the cutting edge with a number of our new and mature products." - Ron Hancharik, Charlotte, NC USA

Our hard work in maintaining a fruitful environment for innovations has paid off. We have around 1,300 patented inventions and in 2019 invested around 70 million euros in research and development.

We move forward every day. As individuals and teams, we push for renewal by coming up with new ideas, being willing to change and taking experience-based risks. At Valmet, you'll challenge yourself to develop a competitive offering of technologies and services that enhance raw material and energy efficiency, and promote the use of renewable raw materials. 

We want to provide the best possible conditions for our creative minds to work their magic. Our R&D work is carried out in our 16 R&D centers by the technology and research and development organizations of the business lines. Our state-of-the-art technology centers provide the world’s most comprehensive offering of testing and piloting services to manufacturers of pulp, board and paper and also in developing energy and biotechnology solutions. In the past 40 years, over 10,000 pilot trials – and countless moments of success – have been carried out at our paper technology facilities.

Järvenpää Finishing Technology Center, Finland.


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