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Our more than 14,000 people working in more than 30 countries make for a truly global company. Here at Valmet the best talent across countries and cultures comes together to work as part of business line and area teams to bring top technologies, products and services to our customers.

Kristen Linna…the job gets done while having fun

"We had a last minute glitch in one of our projects. We only had a short time to make the fix, check it, and get it ready in time for go live. The team of 4 worked together in such a unique way to get the job done – and done well. It was a cross functional team, from different locations and with different experience and strengths. We used communications tools in a new and unique way, we set tasks according to people’s strengths and had fun in the meantime. In the end, the result was even better than the original target." - Kristen Linna, USA 

To come up with innovative solutions we play to our strengths: there’s nothing that can spark your creativity better than throwing around ideas with a diverse group of top experts from around the world. Working with people from different backgrounds and cultures broadens our perspective and brings new opportunities for teamwork. Modern technology allows us to work effectively and sustainably together. Video meetings, Skype and chats have become valuable tools in everyday use. When everything works together, even time differences can be used to our advantage.


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