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If there is a better way to do things, we’ll find it. Delivering results is our main aim. We are actively supporting and strengthening this mindset both globally and locally.

Tomas Vikström…teamwork gets better all the time

"The implementation of pulse in our R&D way of working has helped our development resources work more as a team and with a clear goal. The way of working has also shortened the lead time to project completion as resources are more focused and deliver more projects to the market. With the pulse system, we can easily and continuously improve our ways of working, as administration is much less and quicker than before." - Tomas Vikström, Sundsvall, Sweden

Sharing best practices across teams is one simple yet effective way to improve ways of working. As an example, our Pulp and Energy team began to use the Pulse method across the business line. Pulse is a system and collection of work methods that are based on Lean principles designed to shorten lead times and increase efficiency in development and delivery work. In particular, the methods support communication, coordination, knowledge transfer, fast decision making as well as interaction between teams via visualized information on “Pulse boards” and short and frequent meetings. As the team found the method effective, pulse rooms have been set up in Valmet locations to spread the benefits.

Talking HSE

You just cannot talk about improving every day without highlighting Valmet’s commitment to health, safety and environment (HSE). This commitment and mindset must be inbuilt in every Valmet employee to reach our target of zero harm. Thanks to the restless improvement efforts, we are making strides in this area quarter by quarter – as shown by our continuous improvements in TRIF, down 2% in 2019.

*TRIF reflects the number of injuries resulting in medical treatment, restricted work or an absence of at least one workday per million hours worked.

HSE is an area where we all have something to contribute through active participation, open dialogue and visible leadership. We are proud of the progress we have made in decreasing lost time incidents (LTI), but the only number we want to see here is zero.

To keep HSE in mind, it needs to be in sight. In addition to regular trainings and communications, we strengthen our HSE mindset by systematically addressing health and safety in all daily activities and operations around the world. Our people are our most valuable asset. We encourage everyone to be active and speak up when they see hazardous conditions or unsafe behavior. By working together on HSE we can ensure we all come home to our families safe and sound every day.

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