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Our vision is to become the global champion in serving our customers. Customers are at the heart of our strategy, the focus of our vision, and one of our values. Moreover, customers are the main characters in our stories.

Reading through the unique stories, our commitment to our customers stands out one story after another: teams working together to drive customer success, product developments that help customers do business in a better way and new ways of working that improve communication or speed up delivery time.

Caitlyn Zanton...both you and the customer are impressed by the result

"Our customer service and procurement teams worked together to meet a specific customer need last year. We worked as a team and used very high levels of communication across several sites to rush ship parts to a customer site to help mitigate the effect of a machine issue. It was impressive how well the different groups cooperated to meet the customer need. The customer was also impressed, which was a pretty good reward from our customer-first mentality in this situation." - Caitlyn Zanton, Beloit, WI USA

Guilherme Milani...a simple idea grows into a great solution

"We helped our customer increase production by coming with a new solution for their plug screw feeder. The mill was very satisfied with the modification that was made. The special material we used improved the mill's situation because now they don´t have to change the feeder as often." - Guilherme Milani, Araucaria, Brazil

Suriya Thonthan...everything comes together at the right time

"I work in an environment where time is valuable and limited. When it comes to the customer, I always think about 5 R's: 1. Right Person 2. Right Machine 3. Right Size 4. Right Route 5. Right Time. This approach has helped me achieve my goals faster and I believe it should always be used for customers’ success." - Suriya Thonthan, Laem Chabang, Thailand

Our 14,000 professionals work in over 30 countries around the world. We want to develop our capabilities where they are needed, close to our customers. As an example of our commitment to serving our customers, we recently opened a new services center in Chile.  

The new location in Chile adds to the more than 100 service centers already in operation across Valmet. 



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