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Pulping and fiber services

Valmet’s services for pulping and fiber provide access to our wide offering of global process know-how, new technology and expert services. With local maintenance services available on-site or remotely, we are committed to taking best possible care of your equipment.

Taking your performance to the next level

Our pulping and fiber services include daily maintenance from spare parts and filter fabrics to life-cycle agreements and automation optimizations in wood handling, chemical pulping, pulp drying, recycled fiber, mechanical pulping and stock preparation. Our upgrade services aim at taking the performance of your production line to an optimal level while reducing energy and raw material costs and adding profitability.

Wide offering of process technology, automation and services

From process upgrades to maintenance and shutdown management, Valmet provides a unique offering of process knowhow, automation and services. With strong experience base and global network of experts specialized in pulping and fiber processes, Valmet gives you access to newest technology and a vast range of knowledge through hundreds of installations worldwide.



  • Successful first EvoThrottle results in a second installation at Medite

    Medite Smartply, Clonmel, Ireland was the site of the first installation of the new Valmet EvoThrottle blow valve. That took place in mid-December 2015. After one year of operation the results are in.

  • Tomas Vikström new docent in Chemical engineering design

    Valmet's Tomas Vikström has held his general technical lecture: "Flow and rheology of fiber suspensions" at Chalmers University of technology in Gothenburg and by that received his docent title.

  • Valmet Customer Days gathered customers from 35 countries

    Over 200 Valmet customers gathered to Stockholm in October. The event focus was on the results of long term cooperation, sustainability, energy and pulp & paper innovations, the benefits of Industrial Internet and Shared Journey Forward.

  • HC bleaching success at Rottneros

    A Valmet cost-effective HC (High Consistency) bleach plant was the natural choice when Rottneros invested to increase its competitiveness in market pulp sales. Results after the start up show that it was the right choice.

  • PeriVapor saves energy

    The mechanical steam separator can divert up to 50% of the generated steam from the fiber flow for recycling in the pre-steaming bin.

  • Arne Asplund Mechanical Pulping Award 2016

    Regarded as the "Nobel Prize" in the field of mechanical pulping, the Arne Asplund Mechanical Pulping Award was established in 1985 to commemorate Dr. Asplund’s contribution to the pulp and paper industry worldwide.

  • EasyTurn

    Valmet emphasizes occupational safety with Chipper knife changing device.

  • Thorough training, rapid start-up

    When a new continuous cooking plant was installed at the SCA Obbola mill in Sweden, simulator training was an important part of the project. It made a very rapid start-up possible.

  • Maximum equipment performance through modular service solutions

    Modular service solutions offer pulp and papermakers clearer choices for the maintenance of all rolls and equipment for fiber production.

  • CMPC Guaíba pulp mill becomes totally odorless

    CMPC Riograndense Ltda’s Guaíba pulp mill in Brazil no longer emits any hazardous or malodorous gases into the environment. They are efficiently controlled and destroyed by Valmet’s non-condensable gas (NCG) treatment system – probably the most comprehensive one in the world.