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Improved performance with Industrial Internet - already today

Industrial internet for Valmet means the ability to capture and share data and information from the pulp, paper and energy production machines and processes, and to utilize it for the benefit of our customers.

Valmet has the infrastructure to gather and analyze the data from our customers’ machines and processes. Together with our customers we move their performance forward by utilizing the data to adjust operations and to plan preventive maintenance. We have already implemented hundreds of solutions utilizing our Industrial Internet capabilities.

Evolution of Industrial Internet

The movement towards advanced Industrial Internet has been an evolution. Industries have step by step moved first from monitoring and controlling separate production process components to plant wide data collection and control, and later towards cross system optimization. This has enabled the sharing, analyzing and utilizing data between whole systems in a plant or a mill.

Over the past decades, these steps have significantly changed the production at mills, and is revolutionizing whole industries.

Today enabled by advanced communication technology and big data analysis, Industrial Internet is already moving to the next level– outside the production facilities. We believe that in the future we will see networks of different systems impacting each other, connecting different value chains, and thus changing the whole society we live in, in ways that we can hardly envision today.

Positive impacts for the whole business

Industrial internet – advanced and networked data analytics and utilization - impacts all stages of the production process and benefits the whole business. Industrial internet also enhances asset management and increases customer value by making both process and operations more effective.

Industrial Internet benefits for customers

Valmet – a frontrunner in Industrial Internet

Valmet – a frontrunner in Industrial Internet

Valmet has a long history in the digitalization of process industries. Today, our customers can enjoy solutions that enable them to improve their performance.

Solid foundation with significant customer results

Solid foundation with significant customer results

Today, customers are extensively utilizing Valmet’s Industrial Internet capabilities. We are constantly working together with our customers to create even more advanced solutions to take the whole industry forward.

Valmet’s Industrial Internet offering

Valmet’s Industrial Internet offering

Valmet has a unique customer offering combining process technologies, services and automation. Our Industrial Internet solutions are built on the intelligent machines and intelligent automation technology.


Valmet takes part in the Finnish Metals and Engineering Competence Cluster FIMECC. 

This FIMECC video "Increasing awareness of the environment" presents some examples of the utilization of Industrial Internet.