Valmet’s WebAcademy provides an online training product that facilitates individual training programs, individual progress tracking, online tests and exercises that can be accessed at any time. Reporting features and statistics are available for supervisors and HR staff.

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We deliver living e-learning

Through an intuitive and educational interface, we explain systems, equipment and in-depth process knowledge, and the affect on production. The idea behind our interactive learning method is that it can be used for not only basic training, but also refresher training, in-depth training, and as a support aid during day-to-day work.

Our courses in pulp, paper, and power focus on many important areas, such as:
  • Fuel Handling
  • Recovery Boilers & Evaporators
  • Fluidized Bed Boilers (BFB/CFB)
  • Flue-Gas Cleaning
  • Heat-Transfer And Vaporization
  • Water Treatment
  • Complete Mill Wide Systems